Zotero Doc

Follow the link for the shared G-doc for this morning’s Zotero Workshop.

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Jumping into GIS

This afternoon’s conversation of GIS with Dr. Walker brought out a lot of great ways that GIS can be used to visualize and interpret data. I just wanted to share a few links to help folks get their feet wet.

If you are using GIS to collect/visualize data, you might want to play with Google Fusion Tables. These are basically database tools that can be used to export a KML file that can be viewed in Earth or Maps. If you have existing data, just import it to get started. They even have occasional grants to help pay for those pricey software developers!

If you want to make a tours or maps for end users, check out the Google Spreadsheet Mapper tool. Google provides spreadsheet templates that you fill in, which in turn updates a Earth layer or Map. Here’s a simple example I’ve done recently for a client that maps local chapters.

Here are some cool examples to get you started! Happy mapping!

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Babies…their prime time and our eco kiss

It’s an age old tradition among humans as well as instinctive behavior…nurturing, protecting, and providing for newborn babies.  Science now has dazzling information to tell us what happens when we cuddle, what happens when we soothe, and what happens when we don’t.  New parents are instinctive artists when it comes to loving their babies.  They are scientists too, wanting the best and researching answers for the endless stream of questions that seem to start at conception. 

With great support and great inner resources, you can handle the art and science of welcoming the new family member.  In reality, there’s a lot of stress that goes with the new parenting 24/7 job.  My CEIM colleagues and I are respectful guides to a world of communication, connection, and competence. 

My aim is to have all new moms and dads ( in the US ) registering for infant massage class when their babies are 6 to 8 weeks of age.  Infant Massage educators are multi talented health professionals.  We have yet to strike the chord and stir the masses.  That’s why I’m here to network with humanists who know how to reach through technology.  I want to learn what will make us educators visible and what will enthuse parents to take advantage of our finely tuned and respectful guidance.   Helen Moses, CEIM and Trainer with Infant Massage USA and the International Association of Infant Massage  \in Alsvbyn Sweden.

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Mobile Tech at Interpretive Sites

GPTrex Adventures: Founders Quest

Founders Quest

Mobile is a hot topic and I’m particularly interested in ways in which mobile tech can be used to engage audiences in community and cultural sites. It looks like we’ll have both content experts, informal educators, and mobile tech solutions represented (e.g. GPTrexNextExitHistory, etc.), so this could be a great discussion.

It’s easy to connect digital content or “next steps” via QR codes, Google Earth, and such. How do we take the next step to use this great mobile tech to get folks to actually interact with the resource(s) in front of them? How do we extend this experience beyond the itty bitty smartphone screen? How do we attract and engage folks in learning? How do we give them more to explore?

I have seen a lot of success with using games to engage learners (e.g. UNC Chapel Hill’s Games4Learning program). I would love to hear how others approach this challenge.

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On-line threaded discussions

I am very interested to know the best tool for on-line threaded discussions. This is for both research and teaching so that multiple people involved can guide the themes of the conversations. Thus, the responses are not chronologically organized, but thematically, and can create topically guided dialogues.

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Design Marketing Material

I am in the process of designing marketing materials for both fundraising and  publicity.  Both of these items will be used for a wide audience.

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Design Timeline Module

I have the task of designing  a module for Harry T. Moore in the Civil Rights timeline for the new National African American Museum of History and Culture that will be opening in 2015 in DC.  I have never done anything like this and am looking for any assistance that I can get in developing something that will be both suitable for this very prestigious environment and easily maintained from Florida.

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Digital humanities and Public History

With my participation in THATCamp, my hope is that we can find ways to link the digital aspect to public history initiatives. Within my time in the Public History program at UCF, I’ve discovered new and interesting ways to link the two, such as social media and Omeka. I’m hoping that we can explore ways of promotion/marketing and figure out ways to create a positive and useful relationship between the digital and the historical. Recently, this was utilized in a project regarding the Sanford Student Museum, in which myself and another graduate student used Omeka, Twitter, and Facebook in an effort to create more visibility and community building. A workshop focusing on the creative use of these digital tools to market and establish more emotional connections to historical buildings, museums, etc. could be quite helpful.

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1 Billion Heartbeats Stories For Digital Humanities

My path to participating in THATCamp Florida 2012 started in writing a business plan for investors that acquired a concept I developed of counting heartbeats while doing positive activities.

Over the last 3 years we have collected over 63 million heartbeats from people doing positive activities in over 42 Countries and 262 Cities including some of the following activities:

  • Conducted several successful live town hall webcasts for important causes such as Childhood Obesity and Autism.
  • Selected as 1 of 5 of the most innovative concepts to better our communities at the Gov 2.0 Expo 2010 Nonprofit Pavilion in Washington DC.
  • Participated on World Heart Federation’s World Heart Day 2009 and 2010.
  • Developed a Biofeedback Heartbeats counting application with coherence tracking heart sensor information to objectively measure human activities.
  • Just wrote and self-published a Children’s Book Called Journey To Lushland about the subject.

Now, we are embarking on a most ambitious project to facilitate a widespread social movement counting heartbeats while chronicling one billion plus stories of happier and healthier lives.

My research led me to the Digital Humanities organization to explore ways of recording accurately these heartbeat stories that we hope will weave the positive mosaic of humanity to be studied and appreciated one hundred plus years from today.

I look forward to gaining more knowledge about the field of Digital Humanities at THATCamp Florida 2012 and apply that toward:

  • Collecting heartbeats stories as a form of measuring Gross National Happiness that is a multi-billion dollar industry touching virtually all aspects of consumer, business, health, fitness, governments and local/national/global economics.
  • Developing new market sponsorship opportunities for organizations for brands research and loyalty, ultimately attracting and retaining new customers and producing happier, healthier and productive professionals.
  • Developing digital applications to assist in the pursuit of happiness for all humans to have total control over every aspect of their lives.
  • Creating one of the best social enterprise models that will provide funding for proven directed Donor Advisor Funds to maximize long term community-based philanthropy.
  • Including worldwide participation from anyone with a heartbeat including over 7 billion people and growing in over 225,000 communities and millions of organizations.
  • Using next generation technology to display real-time heartbeat counters on digital signage marquee areas such as airports, malls, prime public foot traffic areas, hospitals and houses of worship.

I look forward to meeting with all of you and participating in your areas of interests.

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Sharon Freeman, President DeBary Hall, Inc.

I am concerned with bringing our small 501c3 board up to speed with a website and or other internet sites .  I feel learning more about the “Omeka” link, and how it works could not only benefit us but could be vital.  We need to grow and mature as a board. Until recently this had been a hard working board but we have lost many of those people.  There are a few people carrying the load now and others who simply sit and  volunter for events.   To succeed we must broaden our horizons and bring in better qualified members.  I am hoping this session at the “Unconference” will allow me to garner ideas and talk with others in the same situations.

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