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We are pleased to announce that Sheila Brennan will be joining us in Orlando for THATCamp in February. She will be leading a Workshop on using Omeka on Saturday the 18th. Dr. Brennan will draw on her wide range of interests and experience in the digital humanities. Below is a brief description of the Workshop she will lead. We are excited to have her join us.

Introduction to Omeka

This session will introduce participants to Omeka, a web publishing system used by libraries, archives, museums, and universities for building and sharing digital collections and creating web exhibits. We will begin by viewing a variety of sites built in Omeka to illustrate its flexibility. We will then tour the administrative backend, choose and configure a design theme, and build a small digital archive using Dublin Core metatdata to describe items. We will build a simple exhibit with those items and explore Omeka’s enhanced functionality through its plugins.

Finally, we will discuss the differences between the hosted version of Omeka and the server-side version of Omeka and reasons for using both.

Details: This is a tutorial. Please bring a laptop or tablet, but we will not be installing Omeka during this session. If you do not already have an installation up and running, I recommend that you sign up for a free basic account , or use one of our demonstration sites during the session.

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