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I would like to initiate a session in which we tackle writing code for some new Zotero translators.  I am interested in creating a few web translators for sites that I use in my research and teaching that are currently not supported by existing Zotero translators, and would love to engage with others who might be interested in creating one/some for their own favorite sites that are not covered.

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About Mark H. Long

A native of Florida, I left as soon as I could after high school swearing I would never return. I worked as a wilderness guide for a company based in Chicago for a number of years after college before finally deciding on a career in history. I received my Ph. D. from Loyola University in Chicago in American History. Ironically, I am currently back in Florida on the faculty at the University of Central Florida, where I am an instructor teaching courses in Florida, Southern and Frontier history.

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  1. adam.smith says:

    If you need advice, post to zotero-dev groups.google.com/group/zotero-dev
    I don’t think any of the usual translator people will be at THAT Florida, but we’re happy to give pointers and advice. If there’s no one to lead a workshop we could even talk about having someone do a skype or google+ videotalk.

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