Session Proposal – Social Life of DH Collaborations

I propose a session where we discuss the social/organizational aspects of digital humanities collaborations. The goals would be to share our own experiences of collaborating and to consolidate some advice for scholars seeking to build new research partnerships in the digital humanities. We could explore, for example:

1. When do you work collaboratively?
2. How do collaborations arise? How do you seek out and engage collaborators?
3. How do you articulate points of intersection between a humanities research question and the research interests/expertise of scholars in other disciplines (including computer scientists)?
4. What is needed to sustain a successful collaboration?
5. How can collaborative work be disseminated effectively?

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2 Responses to Session Proposal – Social Life of DH Collaborations

  1. Mark H. Long says:


    I would love to be in on this session. The process of creating THATCamp Florida has been driven by a desire to foster collaborate work and to help facilitate the kinds of connections that can make that work possible in Florida. I am looking forward to discussing that with fellow campers this weekend.

  2. I’m interested in sharing experiences in this as well.

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