Capturing the Moment

Campers, we would love for all of you to help participate in capturing the wonder that will be THATCamp Florida by recoding the weekend in whatever ways you feel comfortable. The great folks at THATCamp “National” at the Center for History and New Media @ George Mason University have encouraged the regional Camps to record, tape, blog about and tweet the event so help keep these fleeting moments for posterity. So, remember to tweet using the hashtag #thatcampfl and bring video or audio equipment, a camera, a smart phone or whatever you feel comfortable with this weekend so that we can preserve the weekend in the fine traditions of the digital archives.

Also, we encourage the creation and sharing of google docs for event to share notes on sessions, reflections on the event, maps, etc. Google docs are a great way to open collaborative work efforts this weekend that, we hope, will carry on after the Camp has ended. You can always tweet a link to your docs using our handy hashtag, of course.

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About Mark H. Long

A native of Florida, I left as soon as I could after high school swearing I would never return. I worked as a wilderness guide for a company based in Chicago for a number of years after college before finally deciding on a career in history. I received my Ph. D. from Loyola University in Chicago in American History. Ironically, I am currently back in Florida on the faculty at the University of Central Florida, where I am an instructor teaching courses in Florida, Southern and Frontier history.